Classic Style Using Authentic Treasures

It's all about living an AUTHENTIC life, being true to who we are and finding beauty and inspiration in our daily surroundings. Decorating our homes with found items and antique and vintage treasures, we create a personal ~ classic style ~ that defines who we are!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Black Tin Box - Happy New Year

I'm drawn to old
boxes and bottles and jars.

When I find one,
I can't wait
to open it up and
discover it's contents!

This particular
well used box,
protected a treasure!

 As I opened the 
little black tin box,
I found bobbins!

Lots of bobbins ~

and thread 
and a multitude of colors!

I tried to imagine the love
that went in to all
the sewing projects.

 Colorful bobbins,
like a treasure trove of jewels ~

worn as beads on a necklace?

 Or maybe just my 
treasure found ~
from days gone by.

Makes me smile!

starts out as
a simple 
black tin box.
What will you discover
as you open up
this new year of 2013?
A box of bobbins or beautiful jewelry,
the mundane or the magnificent?
Make it what you will!
It is up to you!  
Happy New Year! 
Live Your Authentic Life ~ 
Be the Real You!