Classic Style Using Authentic Treasures

It's all about living an AUTHENTIC life, being true to who we are and finding beauty and inspiration in our daily surroundings. Decorating our homes with found items and antique and vintage treasures, we create a personal ~ classic style ~ that defines who we are!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


While walking along a small stream, taking photos of the rocks and water, I spotted a message from the universe...wrapped around a small stake and shoved in the dirt, was a piece of tape with the word "everyday" written on it. 

 I ponder, Who?, Why?...

EVERYDAY, I talk with God.  
EVERYDAY, I am thankful.  
EVERYDAY, my husband and children hear me say, "I love you".
EVERYDAY, I share hugs and kisses with those I love.

EVERYDAY, I am blessed beyond measure and often overlook it!   

So from now on I will truly be GRATEFUL for EVERYDAY God gives me - as I am lucky enough to have received this message, I hope its meaning and lessons will continue to unfold EVERYDAY.

What do you take away from this message?  Does it make you stop and think?  

How would you complete the sentence?   "EVERYDAY, I......"

Live your Authentic Life!
Be the REAL you - EVERYDAY!


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Carnival Color

Isn't it always a nice surprise to
come upon a parking lot with a Carnival?



They  are always full of color, excitement, 
smells and laughter~
~ fun and games, joy and thrills!

But can you imagine a Carnival without color?


Color is exciting and inspirational!


As exciting as a Carnival is, 
the color is what affects our senses - 
our conscious and subconscious 
as well as our mood and well being!

Cheerful, happy, joyful!


What colors do you live with?

Live Authentically - Be the Real You!


Monday, April 15, 2013

Anthropologie Vintage Style

Using vintage and antique furniture as part of your home decor
is a wonderful way of adding warmth and charm to your home environment.

I recently visited an Anthropologie Store in Atlanta, Georgia.  As soon as I walked in, I knew I wanted to share how they used clever ideas and vintage finds throughout the store.
Exposed rafters in the ceiling, modern drum shade pendants and
a gorgeous display of huge paper mache' flowers greet shoppers as they enter.

The top on this awesome green service piece over-hangs 
on the back side and would be a great kitchen island that would allow stools to slide under.

I loved the walls!  
This could easily be replicated, even if you had
to buy new boards, you could paint and sand and get a similar look!

What an easy thing to do - 
add a simple metal rod between two old iron brackets.
If you wanted to dress it up, you could add finials at the end.


This old pine hook unit looks like it might have come from a school,  
with a shelf on top and hooks to hold coats and hats!  This would look great in a mudroom.

 Perfect, chippy paint and a touch of rust!


This table had a heavy, metal base with a farmhouse 
and industrial feel, they had reproduction orange Tolix chairs paired with it.

An old zinc topped dry sink held lovely blue pots, 
and how brilliant are the C-Clamp holders for the rods?  
Once again, an old world feel meets industrial chic!

 The ever popular Olive Colander and 
black board completed this display.


I loved this old iron push cart, it was perfect for the front window, 
filled with vases and potted plants it replicated that farmhouse charm.

Multi-colored drawers, painted and roughed up, 
display mismatched drawer pulls for additional interest.

 Another rustic wall, farm table and wooden crate keep the vintage vibe going! 

 A gorgeous white cabinet, 
placed on a vibrant blue wall was beautiful. 
Check out the multicolored paint treatment in the back of the cabinet!

Such great attention to detail, 
creative and beautiful vignettes - made for a special place to shop.
Using vintage, worn, chipped pieces for store fixtures added a wonderful element of surprise.  
Did you see any pieces you would use in your own home?
I sure did!  Thanks for shopping with me!

Outside store photo source:  Two Cities Two Girls

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Black Tin Box - Happy New Year

I'm drawn to old
boxes and bottles and jars.

When I find one,
I can't wait
to open it up and
discover it's contents!

This particular
well used box,
protected a treasure!

 As I opened the 
little black tin box,
I found bobbins!

Lots of bobbins ~

and thread 
and a multitude of colors!

I tried to imagine the love
that went in to all
the sewing projects.

 Colorful bobbins,
like a treasure trove of jewels ~

worn as beads on a necklace?

 Or maybe just my 
treasure found ~
from days gone by.

Makes me smile!

starts out as
a simple 
black tin box.
What will you discover
as you open up
this new year of 2013?
A box of bobbins or beautiful jewelry,
the mundane or the magnificent?
Make it what you will!
It is up to you!  
Happy New Year! 
Live Your Authentic Life ~ 
Be the Real You!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Tiny Tree

Just at the edge of the forest,
grows a single, tiny tree.

Standing alone,
it looks a bit out of place
among the empty hardwoods
and leaf covered ground.

Studying its fine details,
one notices that
although the tree is tiny,
its needles are large....
as large as a much taller tree!

Such a tiny tree to carry
the weight of what it will become,
as if a young child,
walking in the shoes of it's parent.

Standing tall and proud,
it grows against all odds.

A single tiny tree ~
beautiful in its simplicity.

May you flourish and grow
as the tiny tree ~ 
and may the 
of the season
be yours.

Live your Authentic Life - 
Be the Real You!




Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Revival of Vintage ~ Georgia

We are lucky ~
here in the Metro Atlanta area.

There is a revival happening that
has been a long time coming!

site explains:
The Revival (noun): A community gathered to awaken the vintage spirit - Bringing buyers and sellers together to share, learn, shop and transcend; A place to congregate around funky furniture, fashions, architectural salvage and  treasures. As a whole, the enactment of making vintage functionally modern in today’s world.

I attended yesterday
and had a wonderful time!

I didn't take enough
photos, BUT ~

Here are just a few of the awesome
vendors who showed their
beautiful vintage; antique finds
and artful creations~

Aged Fusion
by Cindi Baptist



Gathered Comforts


Lily & Luna
by Michele Rodgers


J. Drexler Designs

Nest by
Davina Cates and Weatherly Copenhaver


Fragments by Dawn Fischer
Sells at Queen of Hearts Buford
The Raw Supply Company by 
Shannon Mescher


A wonderful afternoon,
in the most perfect setting,
an old brick tannery built in 1919.

I am looking forward to more
Revival shopping days
in my future!

Live your Authentic Life - 
Be the REAL you!