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Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Revival of Vintage ~ Georgia

We are lucky ~
here in the Metro Atlanta area.

There is a revival happening that
has been a long time coming!

site explains:
The Revival (noun): A community gathered to awaken the vintage spirit - Bringing buyers and sellers together to share, learn, shop and transcend; A place to congregate around funky furniture, fashions, architectural salvage and  treasures. As a whole, the enactment of making vintage functionally modern in today’s world.

I attended yesterday
and had a wonderful time!

I didn't take enough
photos, BUT ~

Here are just a few of the awesome
vendors who showed their
beautiful vintage; antique finds
and artful creations~

Aged Fusion
by Cindi Baptist



Gathered Comforts


Lily & Luna
by Michele Rodgers


J. Drexler Designs

Nest by
Davina Cates and Weatherly Copenhaver


Fragments by Dawn Fischer
Sells at Queen of Hearts Buford
The Raw Supply Company by 
Shannon Mescher


A wonderful afternoon,
in the most perfect setting,
an old brick tannery built in 1919.

I am looking forward to more
Revival shopping days
in my future!

Live your Authentic Life - 
Be the REAL you!



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