Classic Style Using Authentic Treasures

It's all about living an AUTHENTIC life, being true to who we are and finding beauty and inspiration in our daily surroundings. Decorating our homes with found items and antique and vintage treasures, we create a personal ~ classic style ~ that defines who we are!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Branch Out

Looking for an inexpensive way
to add instant charm to your decor?

may be your answer!

Whether you use them as
centerpieces, mantle decor or front porch arrangements,
they look wonderful in any setting!

Formal or Casual ~

Any season, any holiday!


Better Homes and Garden

Pottery Barn

Right out of your back yard or 
from any home goods store!

Ceilings ~

Surrounding a candle scape ~

Used as a backdrop!

Bedrooms, living rooms, any room ~

Try them as window treatments ~

Headboards ~

Or simply, a beautiful arrangement!

Time for a change?

Trek out in your yard and clip a few branches!

You can't go wrong!

Live your AUTHENTIC life ~ Be the REAL you!



Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brilliant Creativity in Re-Purposing

The term to me is synonymous with

I love those Ah Ha moments when 
I read about clever ideas turned in to useful new items!

 I often times sit in awe of the
 brilliance one must possess in order to be so creative.

Simplicity in thought but so useful!

Stacked Bench Shelving


An extra plus when using 
a vintage item for modern day use! 

Printer's Drawer turned Jewelry Organizer

Necessity is the Mother of Invention!

Scrub Brush Organizer

Cotton Ball Whimsy!

 Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder!
Cog Headboard

Organization via Shower Hooks!

Bright Ideas!

 Pop Art ~ Milk Crate Chandelier

Oh So Charming!

Horse Carriage Seat to Hall Bench

Suitcase Seat!

Recycled Newspaper Furniture

Blanket Chest Office Storage

Artful Crutches and Bike Parts Stool

Garden Hose Seating

Cool Hunting Green

Rustic Charm

Book Smart and Savvy Creativity!

Industrial Glamor!

Have you Re-Purposed anything lately?

Think twice about what you throw out,
you may be able to create the next great gadget~
we all can't live without!

Live Your AUTHENTIC LIFE ~ Be the REAL You!



Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall....or Not


noun \ˈmir-ər, mi-rər\

Definition of MIRROR

: a polished or smooth surface (as of glass) 
that forms images by reflection
a : something that gives a true representation  
b : an exemplary model 
Do you decorate with mirrors?
Are they just hanging around?

I decided to look at some different ways 
to use them in our decorating!
Aren't these Venetian Mirrored Wall Sconces
beautiful?  I can just imagine the
candle light reflecting off the mirror!

Modern Day Mosaic Mirrored Wall Sconce

Try using mirrored tiles in place of a solid mirror.

Beveled Mirror Tiles 
would make a great back splash or an interesting wall display.

Here's a polished metal subway tile 
with a mirrored finish.


The sky's the limit with mosaics!

This mosaic appears 
on the outside of the building at sidewalk level.

St. Mary's Art Place, St. Mary's, Ohio
commissioned this Mosaic Art Work by Greta Gonzalez
 Ok, when I say mirrored ceilings,
 I know you are going to groan....but just take a look:

Detail of mirrored ceiling of the Jas Mandir 
in Amber Palace Jaipur Rajasthan India 
 Pavillion ceiling at the Chehel Sotun Palace
Modern Day Penthouse - LasVegas
If the ceiling doesn't work for you,
what about a beautiful ceiling medallion?
I thought this one was gorgeous!

Horchow Retailers

Here's a great DIY project 
to get the look for less!
If the ceiling just won't work for you,
 think about mirrored light fixtures!
Yes, the disco ball still lives in this
modern day interpretation!

There are so many beautiful 
mirrored fixtures available today!
Horchow Retailers

Centerpieces and table scapes
are perfect opportunities to
use mirrors of all shapes and sizes!

Here is a great idea.
Use the mirrors on different levels.

This gorgeous antique would be a show stopper.

Henry Wilkinson & Co.
Antique English silver and cut-crystal mirrored centerpiece.

If you like the look
but the pocket book won't comply,
try a vintage mirrored perfume tray or two.

Line them with candles and flowers
down the center of the table!

Better yet,
a mirrored table top 
would certainly do the job!
Isn't this gorgeous?


 During the holidays you can always find 
basic mirrored shapes at all the
home goods stores, but here's a great source
for all sizes of mirrored place mats!


If mirrored table scapes aren't your thing,
you may want to consider mirrored
candlesticks or tea light holders.

A Pair of Art Moderne Silverplate, Glass and Mirrored Table Lamps,
c. 1930, in the form of candlesticks, single candle cup above four glass columns 
on molded mirrored plinth, height 17 in., width 4 3/4 in., depth 4 in. $800/1200

Formal, reproductions are readily available!

Not so formal?
These tea light holders are adorable!



Mirrored wall art is a great way to
add light and sparkle to any room.

This site offers everything 
you can think of in mirrored form!


I found quite a few mirrored clocks in my research.  
Below is a classic styled reproduction,

...and a modern clock with flair!

Just think about all those vintage mirrors 
you pass up at the thrift stores,
wouldn't they make great clocks?
You can buy inexpensive clock kits just about anywhere!
Just make sure you use the proper type 
of drill with the mirror center...
we don't want 7 years of bad luck!

This talented blogger 
turned a clock INTO a mirror!

Mirrored furniture is a subject for another day!

Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Who's the fairest of them all?
Bless those who read my blog today
and send them on their joyful way!

Live your AUTHENTIC LIFE ~ Be the REAL You!