Classic Style Using Authentic Treasures

It's all about living an AUTHENTIC life, being true to who we are and finding beauty and inspiration in our daily surroundings. Decorating our homes with found items and antique and vintage treasures, we create a personal ~ classic style ~ that defines who we are!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Flames In The Hills - Rhododendron Calendulaceum

What bright bloom is that upon the ridge?

Nestled in the briars and mixed in the twigs?

Look upon the petals, bright orange and bold 


As a fire rushing the hill, truth be told. 


 An explosion of color, or just a hint 


Wrapped in green gloves and heaven sent. 


Color that stops you dead in your tracks 


 Beauty that startles – you keep looking back. 


Meant for no one at all or God’s humble child

Graced by viewing Flame Azaleas in the wild!

Live Your Authentic Life - Be The Real You!


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter ~ Iris Beauty!

Just in time for Easter...

As my mother is now in an
assisted living facility,
we are in the process of
cleaning out her home,
her belongings, and all the 
"stuff" of my childhood.

I took a few minutes to 
step outside and walk around her yard - 
and just in time for Easter, 
her bed of Irises had begun blooming!

I couldn't pass up taking a few photos~

May the Glory and Grace 
of His Sacrifice find you,
May the Promise of New Life be with you &
May the Beauty of his Gifts stay with you!

Happy Easter!




Live Your Authentic Life ~ Be the Real You!