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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter ~ Iris Beauty!

Just in time for Easter...

As my mother is now in an
assisted living facility,
we are in the process of
cleaning out her home,
her belongings, and all the 
"stuff" of my childhood.

I took a few minutes to 
step outside and walk around her yard - 
and just in time for Easter, 
her bed of Irises had begun blooming!

I couldn't pass up taking a few photos~

May the Glory and Grace 
of His Sacrifice find you,
May the Promise of New Life be with you &
May the Beauty of his Gifts stay with you!

Happy Easter!




Live Your Authentic Life ~ Be the Real You!


1 comment:

LaPouyette said...

Dear Martha,
Also for you and your family my best wishes for a lovely Easter.

By sorting out your mother's house, your old home, is like closing a chapter and probably open a new one. I hope that your Mom is as happy as possible in her new home and has all the care.

It must have been a good feeling to be greeted by all this most wonderful irises.

Take care my dear friend, I'm thinking of you!
Warmest greetings,