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It's all about living an AUTHENTIC life, being true to who we are and finding beauty and inspiration in our daily surroundings. Decorating our homes with found items and antique and vintage treasures, we create a personal ~ classic style ~ that defines who we are!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas With a Queen

I recently had the great privilege
of attending a
Holiday Open House ~ Extravaganza
at the Queen of Hearts
in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Atlanta is full of great places to
to shop for vintage and antique finds!

But you haven't "shopped" 
until you have
visited at least one of three 
Queen of Hearts locations ~ 
all equally huge,
all equally filled 
with beautiful booths and vignettes!

The evening was exciting,
as there were hundreds of people in attendance!

The owners and dealers
put great effort in to creating just the right atmosphere!

Holiday music was playing,
cocktails and all sorts of refreshments 
and appetizer stations 
were placed all throughout the store 
with smiling faces to serve you!

There were four of us who attended...
we just all split up and shopped
and meandered and had the best time!

I'll take you along with me
as I soaked in inspiration and
"Holiday Happiness"!

What did I tell you?  

Absolutely Beautiful!

Many Thanks to the
Queen of Hearts
in Alpharetta, Georgia.

It was a spectacular evening!

Live Your Authentic Life!