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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ashes to Ashes, Rust to Rust - Ode to A Chevy Truck

While driving down 
a two-lane mountain highway yesterday,
enjoying the fall leaves and mountain views,
I noticed a single shed,
sitting in the middle of an empty field.

And before I flew past it, 
I saw a glint of sun
shining off something metallic. 

Slowing down,  
to take a closer a look,
I found
a thing of beauty!  

A glorious, rusty, thing of beauty.

I turned off at the next dirt driveway 
and drove as far as I could,
parked my car 
and walked out in the middle of the field,
 camera in hand~
to meet this stately gentleman from the past.

 His eyes were bright 
and up close 
I found him to be quite handsome 
in his old age ~

~ still holding his own!

I can just imagine what a life he lived,
and the joy he must have given.

His wrinkles and rust were evident,
but you could tell he had lived a good life!

 He sported the most beautiful shade of blue,
like Paul Newman's eyes ~ 

 I was completely mesmerized by his charm!

 The hood ornament,
so elegant ~
testified to his earlier grandeur!

 I was overcome with a sense of great respect
 as I stood there in awe.

I take solace
in knowing that
someone, somewhere, 
cared enough about him
to keep him in the shed,
which, by-the-way,
had a new roof!

 I could tell he had been there a long time, 
just watching the world pass by,
the seasons changing, the fields around him
being planted and harvested.


During his respite,
he had graciously played host 
to several inhabitants, it seems.

~ Offering perhaps a place 
to stay warm and dry.

 I dared not open the door or glove box!

He was still in great shape ~

  no major body damage!

I choose to believe 
he is waiting 
to be brought back to life ~

and one day, maybe, 

I'll drive by and see him renewed!

~ As if he had peeled off 
that heavy winter coat of Rust~

 and revealed his Baby Blue skin ~
 as blue as the sky he rests under!

There is just something about an old truck!
They mean something different
to each and every person.

I asked my facebook friends this question:

When you see a vintage, old rusty Chevy Pick Up Truck...what do you think? What sentiments do you feel? Comment back with one word or a paragraph...whatever comes to mind.
It warmed my heart to read what they shared - 
so I'm sharing it with you:

"It represents sweeter times. 
Makes me feel all warm and giggly."


"Ohh what love those pick ups."

"Farmlife and hard workin men."

"I can relate as a kinda wrinkly, 
bulldog jowled old lady, but im still!"

"That I want to get in the drivers seat, pick up my best friend, 
crank up good music and drive through the sunflower fields 
in North Dakota, where we grew up, and have a picnic."

"Simpler times, happy times, riding with windows down 
and wind whipping your hair and stinging your face, 
good memories...."

"Photograph of coarse!"


Amazing isn't it? 

Trucks aren't trucks ~
they're family members
second only to man's best friend ~
his dog!

I'd bet you'd find a few good 'ol boys 
out there who would have a hard time
deciding between the two!

Live Your Authentic Life ~ 
Be the Real You!





entirely apropos said...

Wonderful, Martha! Thanks for the mini vacation!

MJ said...

What a beautiful post...I dream of one day owning a vintage pick up. I search on Craigslist all the time. One day...when Im down south I will have my dream truck.
I hope to use it to haul vintage treasures. I hope to pass it down to my children, probably my son. I hope that I will give it a good life like it's previous owner!

Such a dreamy post the way you capture moments with your camera. I felt like I was in that truck.

Lucky 7 Design

Ormolulu said...

Wow, Martha . . . another AMAZING post (I liked the barn post as well)!!! You have tremendous photographic talent. I was mesmerized and feel at peace after seeing this. Now I can go to bed and dream beautiful dreams. Thank you so much!!!

xoxo Debi

Valerie Reid said...

Martha, fantastic way to slow down the evening. Your pictures are beautiful and your words seem to stop time and make you think! Thank you, for sharing! ;)


Robin Cotton said...

Awesome post Martha ! You are multi- talented , amazing photographer, writer and designer plus a great friend ! Your blog will go far !

Martha at Authentica said...

Dear Friends, thank you all so much for your kind words! I write what I feel and wear my feelings on my sleeve! :) I do, as always, appreciate you taking the time to thrills me to read your thoughts and if I touched your heart! Blessings to all!

LaPouyette said...

Oh Martha, this is outstanding! Your brilliant photos, your words.....all the details...

It takes my breath away...!

Cannot describe how much I love it! Just simply fantastic and wonderful!
What a great post!

You should consider to create a book one day!

And - I wouldn't mind to have this old and lovely pick-up stored in my barn!


Thanks for taking the time to take all of those photographs....beautiful!

Kathy said...

Martha, I am in tears after looking at your wonderful post of the blue Chevy truck under the shed. It makes me think of my Daddy and my uncle Rufus, tiny cowboy hat hangind from the mirror, my hair blowing to the breeze as the windows are all down, my horses, cowboy boots, barns, smoking rabbit tobacco, and being a young girl, life was so good................thanks so much, I love the background music also, thanks again