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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas With a Queen

I recently had the great privilege
of attending a
Holiday Open House ~ Extravaganza
at the Queen of Hearts
in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Atlanta is full of great places to
to shop for vintage and antique finds!

But you haven't "shopped" 
until you have
visited at least one of three 
Queen of Hearts locations ~ 
all equally huge,
all equally filled 
with beautiful booths and vignettes!

The evening was exciting,
as there were hundreds of people in attendance!

The owners and dealers
put great effort in to creating just the right atmosphere!

Holiday music was playing,
cocktails and all sorts of refreshments 
and appetizer stations 
were placed all throughout the store 
with smiling faces to serve you!

There were four of us who attended...
we just all split up and shopped
and meandered and had the best time!

I'll take you along with me
as I soaked in inspiration and
"Holiday Happiness"!

What did I tell you?  

Absolutely Beautiful!

Many Thanks to the
Queen of Hearts
in Alpharetta, Georgia.

It was a spectacular evening!

Live Your Authentic Life!




MJ said...

What a marvelous post Martha! The photos are gorgeous...Im in love with the bronze baby shoes as well as the peacock feathers and balls. Such beautiful things, I love all of the displays so well done.

Lucky 7 Design

Martha at Authentica said...

Thanks for the comment Melanie! I thought of you when I saw the peacock arrangement...did you see the peacock ribbon on the tree? Can't wait to see your tree when it is completed!

LaPouyette said...

This must have been heaven for you, Martha!
Interesting displays with charming objects and - again - fabulous photos!
It feels as I was there....
Thank you for taking us along with you!

Many greetings,

entirely apropos said...

Thanks for the spectacular tour, Martha! LOVED it all!
I felt like I was right there with you, enjoying every display and vignette.
Have I mentioned lately that your photography is amazing?.... it is!
Thanks for the inspiration, as always.
Entirely Apropos

Martha at Authentica said...

Thank you Karin and Julie! You always have such kind words! Hugs! You know I am so grateful to any comment lets me know people are reading it!
Hugs, M

vintagememories said...

Beautiful pictures makes it seem like you are there,thank you for posting

Lisa Gabrielson said...

Martha- I am a dealer at the Queen (Lisa Gabrielson Interior Design & Vintage Finds), and was so happy to discover your blog with this special post on many of our great dealers. Your pictures of my booths were fabulous, and I appreciate the attention very much. Thank you, and hope to meet you at the Queen soon. Lisa


WOWZA...I need to get up there soon...some incredible things.....thanks for the tour!

Sister Patty said...

Martha -- What a wonderful blog! And your photos are phenomenal!!! Did you have any time at all to shop, or did you spend the entire evening photographing everything?

Martha at Authentica said...

Thank you everyone, I'm glad everyone has enjoyed the photos! There are so many talented dealers there...the vignettes in each booth make it so special! Patty...I did shop..and found so much...French Olive Baskets, an Italian Mirror that made me drool, a gorgeous French Demijohn, oh so many things...but there was so much to shoot, my hand was numb by the end of the evening! LOL! I'll have to go back...and shop for real next time! :)

Ormolulu said...

Well, if my thoughts were turned into reality, I just spent thousands of dollars! Thank you Martha for an immensely satisfying tour. I know how challenging it is to take that many photos . . . and they all turned out so beautifully. You are GIFTED, girlfriend!!!

xoxo Debi