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Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Labor Free Labor Day Weekend

September has arrived and 
Fall is right around the corner!

My Labor Day weekend was no labor at all! 
In fact, I had a wonderful weekend!

I spent my time out picking and shopping and relaxing! 
While out and about, I found some terrific treasures!

I fell in love with the chicken wire cabinet. 
Looks as if someone started to paint it red 
and changed their mind!  

But that's OK - a little white paint and she's good as new! 
 What an eclectic mix of goodies, don't you think?

 I'm always on the look out for needle point, cross-stitch, embroidery and other needle work pieces.

Vintage textiles are great for so many re-purposing projects.
Crocheted doilies, dresser scarves, table cloths, tea-towels, 
they all catch my eye and just think of all the possibilities!  

I personally think about making them in to pillows, 
but I have some other ideas up my sleeve!

Can't you see this rooster tea towel as a fun pillow?  
What great 70's colors!

A purple posy ruffled doily!  How quaint is this?

I'm always on the lookout for music sheets, 
so this book of sheet music was a steal for $1.00! 
It is always a staple for collage art, 
decoupage projects, paper art and scrapbooking!

 Vintage Christmas music!  Holiday projects await!

1928 American History Book -
loved all the color images hidden within!

 More music!  I love it!

Ok, I'm going to date myself here, 
but how many of you remember using books like this
in high school to learn typewriting?
Funny thing, I have complained about my teen son's 
hunt and peck style of one finger typing 
(not sure what he learned in two keyboarding classes in school, 
but it wasn't proper hand placement)!  
I kept saying if I ever found one of the books like I used in high school, I was going to buy it and make him learn the qwerty keyboard, the old fashioned way! 
And look what I found!  
Wonder what he would think if I wrapped it up 
and gave it to him for his birthday?

Canasta anyone?  
This is the "Official 1950 Laws of Canasta"!


 Thinking of using this to make a sign for my booth.

 Doo dads, milk glass and a small rolling pin!

And last but not least, an artist's easel!

 Don't you just love the paint remnants?

Tropical Storm, Lee, was looming 
and the North Georgia skies were starting to sprinkle on us, 
so I didn't get to finish taking pictures of everything, 
but rest assured you'll see them one day soon!

Hope you have a Labor-Free, Labor Day!
Be your authentic self~stay true to you!
Many Blessings,

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entirely apropos said...

Very nice, Martha! What fun! I love it all! We would have so much fun if we junked together! :)