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Friday, July 29, 2011

Pass the Green Beans Please!

I met a special friend today,
she is a member of the Red Hat Society,
just wait until you see where she lives!

We all have our favorite places to shop!
I have quite a few within an hour or two of my home 
in the North Georgia mountains.

Atlanta is a treasure trove for sure.

We are lucky enough to have
Scott's Antique Market - the second weekend of each month,
Lakewood Antique Market - the third weekend of each month.

But there are literally a plethora of wonderful vintage, antique and 
consignment shops, sprinkled all around Atlanta and its suburbs!

Today I had the pleasure of visiting
 The Green Bean Exchange 
located in Cumming, Georgia.
The proprietress of this wonderful establishment is
Meredith Tallant.  
( well I was told Chad and Meredith own the business
but I'm not sure if they are business partners, relatives or husband and wife...
sorry Chad, I didn't ask, so I'm not sure about your last name!)
They also have a second location about 10 minutes away which I have yet to visit!

You know when the outside of the store looks as inviting as this....

...there are treasures awaiting inside!


Love all the goodies inviting you to come in and shop a while!

I met Debra (in pink) and Helen (behind the register),
they both have spectacular booths here!


And why not?  
Papier Mache' green beans over the register!!! 
How Cute is this?

I love the area right by the front door and across from the register, 
it always looks fantastic and today was no different.  
What caught my eye was this
beautiful branch covered in what looked like cherry blossoms.....

They painstakingly tied strips of paper all over this large branch 
and then attached  blackbirds amongst the blooms!  
Absolutely charming!

We have just entered the building folks,
now we can begin our shopping extravaganza!

There is so much to see, 
I'm just going to browse a bit, wanna join me? 

Something for everyone, wouldn't you say?
Wasn't that fun?

Did you see anything you'd like to buy?
I sure did!

Quite a few things in fact!  
I had a wonderful, relaxing time, just taking it all in!
Next time you are in my neck of the woods, 
stop by The Green Bean Exchange Antiques 
in Cumming, Georgia about a half hour North of Atlanta!

What a treat!  
I had a great time shopping with you today, 
I hope you did too!

Live your life AUTHENTICALLY!  Be the REAL you!



Mairie said...

Astonishing collection of stuff Martha!

Martha at Authentica said...

Hey Mairie! Yes! The booths just go on and on! LOL!

I had fun shopping around!


Gracie's Cottage said...

I had a hankerin' to go shopping today but couldn't take the time. Thanks for taking us along with you. What a fun shop!

Martha at Authentica said...

Gracie's Cottage..I know! I could have spent a lot more time there...I need to go back when I can spend time in each booth! So much to see!
Glad you enjoyed the "shopping" trip.
Joy to you!
Martha P

dsl814007 said...

Martha - It was such a pleasure meeting you. It is always so much fun to meet other passionate 'greenies'. I plan to feature you in one of my upcoming blogs. You are sooo interesting and talented! Deborah Loomis

Green Bean Exchange said...

Thank you Martha, This is Chad Milford. My Wife Kellie (she runs the Free Home Location) and I opened The Green Bean in Free Home in March of 2009 and Then with Meredith opened the Cumming location in November of that same year. I'm so glad you liked the shop. We owe all our success to all our fantastic dealers who work so hard to keep the shops looking fresh and interesting. Miss Kitty is my special pet. People either love her or hate her and I can almost judge a persons character based on their reaction to her. You and I could be friends I think. Come back and shop and keep on bloggin!!!!

Martha at Authentica said...

Deborah and Chad, thank you both so much for taking the time to comment! I had a great time and a lot of friends of mine are planning on shopping there soon! I can't wait to visit the "other" green bean as well! I'll be back!

Many Blessings to you both!

Aimee Clary said...

Thanks for featuring a photo of my factory cart at the Green Bean in my booth :) Please stop by again, we're always updating and I just added a ton of items to my booth. Or visit me at Lakewood Antiques D 211 :)

Thanks for featuring our beloved "Bean"

Aimee Clary
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