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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Candy Corn Creations

One of my favorite holidays is Halloween!
I love being able to decorate with a sense of humor
and Halloween is the perfect opportunity.

Candy Corn!
It makes me smile and automatically makes me think
about fall and Halloween.

So you know I had to share some pictures I found
on Candy Corn Creations!

 Tedious, but beautiful!

Simple and Eye Catching!

Elegant Fun!

These are easy and inexpensive!

So much fun!  Reminds me of a Light Bright!


Not sure I'd like the scent of a candy corn candle, 
but I like the idea of filling a box with candy corn 
and having a hand sticking out!

This is my favorite!  
Love the bright green mixed in!

Something to do while you are watching TV!

 Cute, Cute, Cute....great blog suggestions!

 Take Out Boxes from Michaels

Wouldn't this be fun filled with appetizers 
and served with chop sticks?

Have Fun this Fall Season!

Live Your Authentic Life ~ Be the Real You!



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