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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Are You A Proud American? 911 Remembered

(Fred Hatt -2006)

Be a Patriot ~ Everyday!
911 ~ In Remembrance 

A simple request, to show support, 
will you fly your Flag today?
    Such a simple gesture,
like bended knees to pray.

This patriotic message, 
of flying our great flag,
 shows pride and love of country,
 which sometimes seem to lag.

Our FLAG is a great a symbol
of the life we live as FREE,
  But freedom comes with quite a cost,
Freedom isn't FREE.

If only for a moment,
direct your thoughts this way,
think of all the people 
who lost their lives today.

Their day was just a normal day, 
business, fun or pleasure,
to have the world come to a stop
as lives were lost in terror.

Those working at the Pentagon 
or flying on the planes,
saw their lives flash before their eyes
as they perished in the flames.

No matter what the reason 
for those visiting the towers,
now ALL the names are a memorial 
and draped with poignant flowers.

Men and women, young and old
there was no discrimination,
deliberate acts of evil 
were brought upon this nation.

There are so many men and women, 
we know we'll never meet,
they risk their lives for all of us
as they pass us on the street.

The Police and Fire Departments 
are just to name a few.
I bet it's rare you think about
the danger they go through.

And as you sit and contemplate,  
may I ask you one more thing,
don't forget our military,
the bell of freedom's ring.

One day here and gone the next
I think we have forgotten,
people die each day for us,
it's not all about Bin Laden.

So now its time to do YOUR duty,
such a simple task,
say a prayer and fly your flag,
I hope this time it lasts.

As We The People of this Great Nation,
pray to God above,
Please ask Him to bestow on us
His Forgiveness and his Love.


God Bless The USA!

1 comment:

Ormolulu said...

Well said, Martha!!!! It was a rough day for several of my friends who had personal losses from 9/11. Thanks for your thoughtful comments about why it's a blessing to be an American!!!

xoxo Debi