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Friday, September 23, 2011

Drop Cloth Dreamy!

As much as I LOVE using vintage fabrics and grain sacks,
today's economy has forced most of us 
to pull back in our spending.

That doesn't mean we can't have beautiful rooms.

Last year as I was opening up a new retail booth,
I was looking for something inexpensive, but pretty,
to cover the peg board walls.

I wanted something crisp and neutral 
to give a soft backdrop to the rustic pieces I was using.
Rustic, meaning chicken nesters and
 barn, potting racks.

I was walking through Wal Mart and came across
a large display of PAINTER'S Drop Cloths.
At $20 per large cloth, I thought it would be the perfect look.

I really liked the durability and weight of the canvas.

I thought I had come up with a brilliant idea!
Little did I know that everyone else in blog land
had the same idea!

It's versatility is limitless!

I found so many wonderful projects,
 I had to whittle them down for this post.

I hope you enjoy the inspiration!


Drop Cloth Canopy Fort
Texas Top

So many talented people out there!
So many drop cloths to craft!

Live Your Authentic Life ~ Be the REAL You!




Red Rock Rose said...

Thanks for the mention. You're right - drop cloths are affordable, trendy, and very cottage CHIC!! LUV 'UM.

LaPouyette said...

My Dear Martha,
this is just very quickly and short to let you know that I'm thinking of you.
Just so many unexpected things happen during the last few weeks....

Will go through your posts hopefully with same time tomorrow, just don't like to overflow anything from you, and will write also a mail to you very soon.

You are always in my mind!
Take care and heartily greetings,

Martha at Authentica said...

Thank you Red Rock Rose for the comment! Loved your stuff! :)

Karin - Have a lot of interesting blogs coming soon....trying to get mom settled in her new surroundings! I am moving from two booths down to one smaller one for the time being...and hoping to find a location in Atlanta soon! Looking forward to sharing emails! :)