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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Patience Is A Virtue - Progress Comes in Baby Steps!

I finally have begun setting up the booth space 
for Authentica Classics!!
The grain sack pillows will have a home before I know it!

I forgot to take a before picture of the wall with the peg boards. I had a dear friend sew in a rod pocket across the top of the canvas, leaving about a 9 inch drop for a little valance. We added another three feet at the bottom, to cover the wall and puddle just a bit at the floor.

I'm still working on a few ideas to hide the air duct...
or at least get rid of the cord!
The chandelier will be gone too!  Maybe I'll add a few later....

Remember the chicken nesters I spoke of in an earlier post? My husband and college aged son worked all afternoon to get the canvas panels hung and then up went the first nester! I was so excited! It looked adorable! 
The second nester did not have the same wall support so I have had to come up with another idea to raise it a bit under the first one....I'll share that with you later!

I purchased two old potting racks right out of a barn 
and also was given the opportunity to buy 
a potting bench as well.

They all look so rustic, I love the idea of using them as fixtures and merchandising with them!

I liked the two nesters so much.....
after they were cleaned of course!....
I went back and bought two more!

While my husband and I were at the farm, we got to "meet" the chickens and a gorgeous rooster...we also went away with a dozen fresh eggs!

Isn't he beautiful?
Things are happening quickly now! 
Hope to share more soon!
Have a great weekend!

Be Real,



Mairie said...

Looking good Martha - wish you all the best with the booth - it will certainly be inviting.

Martha said...

Hey Mairie!
Thanks so much for the well wishes!
It is coming along slowly but surely!
I am aiming for two weeks for everything to come together!


LaPouyette said...

This stand will look fabulous!!!!

I really do like the "chicken shelves" they will be just right for your grain sack pillows. Giving an authentic country feel. They are lovely! I could happily live with a few..... And at the London Battersea Fair they would just flow out the door.....

Well done so far Martha! And don't worry about the chandelier, in my opinion it's anyway not the right piece for your ambience, and it is also not an antique one.

Stay and be authentic!

Bonne chance and many greetings from the Périgord in France

MJ said...

Martha it looks so beautiful already! I cant wait to see more...Im gonna have to make a trip down to see you and this space. I cant believe you were able to go and get MORE nesters...they dont even have those up here. I WANNA BE SOUTHERN!!!

You are an amazingly talented person and Im so glad that you found me and I get to watch you in action.

Lucky 7 Design

Martha at Authentica said...

Thank you so much! I would love to have you come down South! Do you eat grits! LOL!

You are so silly...there are so many talented people everywhere!! It is overwhelming the gorgeous blogs that just explode off the pages! My booth is just a booth!!! But I'd love to take you around mountains!