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Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm a Magazine Hoarder!!!

I can't help it...there are several things I am drawn to.....
Sea Shells, Rocks, Old Books, Home Decor books, 
Fabric and Magazines!!!  
Last year I ran across one of the most beautiful 
magazines I had ever seen...
but every site I found it on, 
did not offer subscriptions to US residents.  
The magazine in question? 
Jeanne d'Arc Living....absolutely beautiful!  

There are several sites now that wholesale the magazine and
offer US residents an opportunity to have this magazine....
I have received two so far...the third one is on its way as we speak...I can't wait to see it!
I bought my subscription from 
Lori Miller of Round Barn Potting Company...
check out her blog...
she is a master of product merchandising!
One day I would like to visit her beautiful Minnesota.....after the snow melts!
Here are some more pics from previous Jeanne d'Arc Living magazines....makes me drool!

I'm drooling...are you?
Anticipation.....can't wait for the mailman!
Have a wonderful week!


LaPouyette said...

Dear Martha,
You're really making progress in blogging!!!!!

This post is wonderful! Well done!

Please, please keep us update with your pillows!!!
Can't wait to see how your 'stand' will look when finished installed with all your specially designed pillows!

Will let you know about magazines!

Warmest greetings from the Périgord

Martha said...

Thanks Karin!
I'm getting there...just trial and error and trying to make things work! I'm learning slowly but surely! :)

I'm finishing up business taxes today, they are due by Friday...
the dreaded April 15th in the US!

Yesterday we moved from one booth to another in the other antique mall where I have my older booth. Most of those items are vintage or just "found" home decor pieces.

I'm trying to get at least the first few batches of pillows online before the end of the month! Do or die by May 1st!


Mairie said...

Lovely imagery - and inspiring for the items you sell. I daren't even buy magazines - at least my stones and shells can wait in the garden. No room left indoors!

Martha said...

I'm getting there too! I have glass containers or bowls all over my house with shells or rocks or a combination!

Plus stacks of magazines...a true Southerner never goes without her Southern Living magazine which I have collected since my is hard to throw them away...although several years ago, I did let a few go.

There's just something about a hot cup of tea, curled up on the sofa, with a big stack of gorgeous magazines. One of my simple pleasures in life. Rock collecting and walking on the beach are probably one and two...but I'm not near any beaches and rocks just seem to find their way home with me! :)

If I can find a way, you and I will have to walk the shores of Lindesfarne! Wonder how many rocks or shells I could pack in a suitcase?

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Hi Martha,

I dom't know about any U.S. sites "wholesaling" the magazine, but I know of several, including mine, that sell it on a retail basis from our shops/sites.

It is a lovely publication! We've been carrying the magazine and their decor products (many of which are the same ones used to style the rooms in the magazines) for years now.

If you ever find yourself in "need" of a copy and can't find one, let me know. I often have several back issues for sale as well -- just sold out of them all today, though.

Loving your blog & FB page, by the way! :)


Lori Miller, Round barn Potting Co. said...

Martha Darling, thanks for the lovely shout out on my creativity at the shop and on the blog, and the JdArc Living magazine. It does stand alone for sure. The pictures you posted are beautiful!!!

I can't wait until you see the Christmas issue that they put out. Absolutely Too Die For!!

Thanks again for sending people my way. Lori

Martha at Authentica said...

Thanks so much...hope you get a lot of business your way...I reposted the blog on my business facebook page yesterday....we need to get you on facebook!!! Do you have any of the MM Summer Magazines left? I didn't touch back with you...but I'd love a copy!