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Friday, April 29, 2011

Respect for Mother Nature

Praying for the survivors and those lost in the recent tornado outbreaks!

Not sure when I became so scared of bad storms.  From an early age, I hated thunder storms!  I guess once I had children of my own, I have felt such a responsibility to protect my family.

I am neurotic when it comes to storm prep.  I pack everyone's medicine, make sure my teens have shoes and jeans and whatever things they want to keep shoved in a backpack.  I have taught my children where to look for safe shelter if they aren't at home. 

I am something of a joke with my family and friends.  Most of the time, the storms coming from Alabama into Georgia weaken before they reach our North Georgia area and everyone gives me a hard time.  But this time was different.  Three separate storms with tornadoes passed within 10 miles of my home and ten total tornadoes made their way across my state!  Georgia wasn't spared, but my heart goes out to Alabama!  It could have been my family and me looking at destruction!  We have been blessed.

I am horrified by the pictures I see and wonder with an F4 or F5 tornado if we would have survived...even in our storm room under the basement stairs !  I respect Mother Nature and her awesome power and am so very grateful that we are safe!  

Please pray for the families and communities effected by this tragedy!

Life is Precious!  Don't take it for granted!


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