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Monday, May 9, 2011

Finally My First Batch of Pillows!

I gave myself a deadline of May first 
to get my pillows in my booth!  
Didn't quite make it, 
but I did get a huge first load installed today.  
I finished stuffing 53 pillows today...
and 49 went in to the booth!

Plus...this adorable wall hanging...a vintage classroom
find from a local thrift store.  I couldn't pass this up...50 squares of burlap with the outline of a state and either the state bird or has so much charm. 
Its looks as if the students made it.  It is barely hanging on...dry rot has taken its toll, but I had to have it!!  Perfect for a backdrop don't you think?

On to my day in the basement...
Two orders of bulk feather and down pillow inserts...
waiting in my basement.  
The stack of boxes was over 6 feet tall!  
Huge boxes almost 4 feet wide.

Here they are!  Bagged and ready for their trip to the booth!

Put a few more fixtures in a couple of weeks ago....
trying to get everything ready for
my vintage and antique finds and of course "the pillows"!

I have beautiful German grain sack pillows in production now, along with some adorable printed
vintage French flour sacks, 
which are similar to our American sacks.  
I also have found some
awesome Burlap style bags from Canada!  
All coming soon!!

Hopefully one day soon, I'll figure out how to take a good pic, 
and transfer it here with better resolution!
There is a lot to learn!  :)

Don't forget the victims of recent tornadoes!
They need our prayers and assistance!


Mairie said...

It looks gorgeous Martha - if I lived a few thousand miles closer.... I wish you all the best with your sales - they are lovely. m+x

Martha at Authentica said...

Thank you dear Mairie! Hoping to get a lot online soon..if I can get my website up and running! :) A lot of plans...just need time to do it all! Thanks for stopping by!
I feel like I'm blogging out there in space....glad to know someone read it! :)

Nana 4 four said...

You are not blogging into the great nothing! I read your blogs. Can't wait to check out the material you have.

Martha at Authentica said...

Yea! Glad to know i have a "secret" follower! Just guessing, but does your name begin with a "T"? LOL!
I know I must give it time...only been blogging 3 months or so...but it is like breaking through Fort Knox! Patience is a virtue I lack!
Thanks for taking the time to made me feel better!

LaPouyette said...

This is GREAT Martha!!!!
I never saw such a beautiful collection of American grain sacks! They are wonderful! Would like to know more about, what kind of hemp, linen, jute or hessian?
And one of them has even "Hamburg" printed on! I lived in Hamburg for about 25 years and had in the 1980s an Antique shop there for a few years before I moved to France.

However - It looks that your booth is coming together very good. I definitely know how much work is involved! And then all the pillow-stuffing and.......
Good luck and all my best,best wishes for you!
And I can see a very beautiful hanging.....what is it?
Well done Martha!
Tres amicalement and heartily greetings, Karin

Martha at Authentica said...

Hi Karin!
Thanks so much! The wall hanging looks to be a 1950's or 1960's art project from an elementary or middle school classroom. There are embroidered states and their respective state flower or bird. I loved it when i saw it! My pictures did not turn out well, but hope to have more soon! We have a good start on the German pillows...they'll be ready soon! I can't wait for you to see them!