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Monday, May 14, 2012

His Promise

Part of my Mother's Day was spent
with my mother at the cemetery 
where my father,
her husband, is buried.

Arlington Memorial Cemetery 
in Atlanta, Georgia,
holds many memories for me ~
as most of my mother's family are buried there,
and where I will most likely be buried.

As a child attending funerals
or taking flowers to 
family members graves
over the years,
we would always stop 
by a special prayer garden, 
to reflect, to pray,
 to just be quiet.

And so, 
as we had done 
so many times
in the past, 
we stopped again,
in this special place, 
that holds so many memories.

I love you mom,
I know you miss dad ~
he's there, 
waiting with open arms!

The Resurrection and The Life!

our living and our dying,
our daily ins and outs,
our busy natures,
not to
His Promise!

 If we believe ~ 
we shall not perish, 
but have ever lasting life!

Live Your Authentic Life!
Be The Real You!

1 comment:

Michele said...

Amen to his promise ~~

God Bless You
Pearl 13.1