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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Little Red

How could you pass it by?

This little gem of a barn, 
setting on the roadside?

Full of charm and quaint in size,

certainly for the owners ~ 
a prize!

Can't you imagine her glorious red dress?

trimmed with white and looking her best?

 All her parts are working still~

door knobs, hinges, she is a thrill!

Once a place to hang a sign,

 directions to a garage or a place to dine!

 She's still in use and looking good,

 gorgeous color and weathered wood!

 As she ages and the years pass by,

her special wiles will multiply.

Folks like me who pay our respects,

 will slam on our brakes and strain our necks!

To see this gift from our past~

 and pray silently that she will last!

So, thank you little red barn, 
I'd like to say, 
You are quite special 
and made my day!

Live your Authentic Life ~
Be the Real You!


MEM said...

Just commented on your FB page, but wanted to see more of the little red barn----very quaint and in good shape. We have a large former machine shed that needs some rehabbing. Thanks for the nice story.

Martha at Authentica said...

I Mem - once again thank you so much for being my number one blog fan! Always ready to comment! It means the world to me! Hugs! Post some photos of your shed! I'd love to see it! Blessings, Martha

entirely apropos said...

What a wonderful post, Martha! I'm inspired! .....and your photography is amazing!
Thanks for the wonderful 5 minute vacation! I enjoyed.

xoxoxo - Julie