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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Jar Of Joy

What brings you Joy?
Do you know it on a daily basis?

There are several keepsakes
in my home that represent
experiences that bring me joy 
each and every time I look at them.

In my kitchen, 
on top of a book shelf,
sets a collection of blue mason jars.
Different kinds, and different sizes,
but there is one that just stands
out in my heart!

It isn't necessarily the jar itself,
although I love it ~
it is one of those large shoulder jars!

That curved neck and rusty
wire wrapped around its top...

it protects something 
precious to me.

When I was about 13 or 14,
my father came home from a business trip
and presented me with a single, beautiful 
bloom of cotton.

You would have to know me,
but I've always collected rocks and sticks
and flowers and seed pods and sea shells!

I was thrilled!

I've kept that one single cotton boll
for almost 40 years!

I recently added a few more pieces
 that I picked from a huge cotton field
growing next to the highway in Tennessee.
It was a wonderful trip,
full of laughter and joy!

It might just be an old jar
with some cotton shoved in it ~ 
but in reality
this vintage treasure in itself,
holds something even more important.

My happiness, my joy, my memories~
safe and sound
under an air-tight seal!

Live your Authentic Life - Be the Real You!!!





1 comment:

Mairie said...

It isn't just cotton its something else. A connection with past, present and future. And where else to keep it. So lovely.