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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pickin' A Chicken House

Yes I did!

I picked a chicken house full of
junk that has been stored for decades!

And I must say, it was a blast!

I shopped for 4 hours ~
plain and simple,
there was just too much junk!

Automotive, hardware, 
school supplies, cash register tape,
yarn, Christmas stickers......
stuff, lots of stuff!

Anyone need some boat anchors?

Don't think these computers will
serve much purpose otherwise ~

Oh, but I fell in the love with
the rusty saw blades ~

and Garfield
forever stuck on 10:49 ~
wonder if it was morning or night?



Would have bought all the
canning jars, 
but I have cases of them at home...
still waiting for projects yet begun.

 Breaker, breaker 1, 9 ~
anyone need CB supplies?
Good Buddy!


Griswald stove dampers caught my attention,
I purchased several just because!



 I'm sure someone could fix
this baby up - but it's not me!

 More rust ~
Bicycle chains snaking across the floor,
just glad they weren't real snakes!
I saw a snake skin earlier that sort of
put me on edge.

 How about a huge box full of
Jagermeister Test Tubes?
Guess these were for a shot party! 
Seemed out of place for
a chicken house!


Poor Barbie, 
Ken was no where to be found,
probably hanging out near the Jagermeister Party.

Looks like she was resting after working
out to her Olivia Newton John cassette, 
hope Ken can find his way back to Xanadu!


The only mouse trap I saw ~
I'm sure they would need quite a few more!


this find was not for sale!


So, wondering what I DID
end up with after FOUR hours of picking?


  Seven galvanized boxes,
an awesome old red shopping cart,
two old stretchers,
two old galvanized trash cans,
at least a dozen old metal signs ~

5 large unfinished frames,
two turned table legs,
one lone bicycle wheel,
one rusty metal milk crate,
a ton of yard sticks,


awesome rusty wire,
slatted wood pieces,
a vintage numbered valet board with hooks,
 and lots of small do-dads like big rusty screws,
stove dampers, metal cogs and wire screens!

 I can't wait to start on some
fun re-purposing projects!

I had a great day at the chicken house,
may have to go back again tomorrow....
already thinking about a few things I still need!

Live Authentically ~ Be the Real You!


Cathy said...

OMG....That was one Pickers Paradise!!! Lucky you!

Martha at Authentica said...

Cathy! Ha! I know! I keep thinking about things I left behind! I need to really watch out...I don't want the hoarders tv show to show up on my door step!

Sister Patty said...

WOW!!! What's that old saying... "thought I died and went to heaven!" My gosh... how fun was all this!!!

Good for you, Martha!

Nyssa, Ink. said...

Fantastic!!! What fun.

Unknown said...

Wish I was there! That looked like fun...and you got some great finds.

Martha at Authentica said...

Thank you guys! It was fun! Dusty, dirty finds!
You never know what you are going to come across driving around the mountains! :)

Sister Patty said...


You need to blog a WHOLE lot more, Martha!