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Monday, February 7, 2011

Ebay or Etsy or Both?

Things are starting to come together.  Hopefully by this time next week, pillows will be in production!  I can't wait to see how everything turns out!  If you read my earlier posts, you would have seen that I have an antique/vintage retail business in an antique mall here in North Georgia. 

I have seen several bloggers use the term "petite boutique"...that sounds quite sassy, I must say!  This year I loosened up a bit and decided to add a few retail lines as well!  Aside from the vintage and antique grain sack pillows, I will also be offering authentic European market baskets, lavender and soaps from Provence, hand turned and plaited rustic brooms made here in Georgia, plus a mix of whatever I find on my pickin/junkin days!

I plan on producing quite a few pillows to have a large stock to start off with...and have decided to market them online and to the trade.  If anyone has suggestions, I'd like to hear comments on what is good and bad about Etsy and/or Ebay....anyone out there have experience with both?  One of the things holding me back from Etsy is that I want be able to market new products online....would love to hear from you seasoned bloggers with online shops!

Pictures coming soon of more grain sacks and then of course the after shots of the finished pillows!

Find Joy in each day.  Be your Authentic self!


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