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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh The Places You'll Go!

As a picker and treasure hunter of all things old, dusty, beautiful, meaningful or down right funky...I have had the great pleasure of spending long hours in flea markets, thrift shops, basements, attics and today a farm!  I think atmosphere in a home or retail environment is extremely important!  It can instantly change your mood. You know that feeling when your home looks its best, especially just before company is coming over?...It looks good, it smells good, it feels good and so you feel good.  How do you feel when the kids have had a great day in the family room and it looks like a bomb exploded and spaghetti is hanging off the kitchen ceiling and 10 loads of laundry are on your laundry room floor?  I know how I feel!  That being said, I decided to create the perfect atmosphere for these wonderful pillows from the past!

Today, I went on an adventure with my husband, in the name of "atmosphere" for my shop!  We met and visited with two of the nicest people I've met in a long time...and tromped through soggy wet grass and I could pick out my hen nesters!   If I am going to create pillows out of grain, feed and flour sacks, I thought it would be most appropriate to pay homage to a grain sack's past life!  I met a donkey, saw two vintage tractors, which my husband loved, because he works for the company that made them 60-70 years ago and received a few lessons about corn huskers, gardens and how the nesters are used in the chicken houses.  I may live in a rural area now, but I grew up in the city and you can tell it!

I took surgical gloves with me as I didn't want to touch them, they were VERY authentic....then I decided to leave them in the car as I am sure it would have given our new friends a hoot and a half!  I just washed my hands REALLY well a bit later!  I came home with two today...they will need to be thoroughly cleaned, but I can't wait to get them hung up and filled with all kinds of merchandise....French soaps, sea shells, old name it!

  Find Joy in everyday!

Say hello to my little friend!

Oh my, so many to choose from....this is better than buying shoes!

What an enchanted place!  Isn't the barn inviting?  I would have loved picking through it!

Here are the two that made it home with time for a bath!

Blessings to your AUTHENTIC life!


Mairie said...

Blessings to you, you are in a very creative mode - what a good idea - a few patchwork chickens - painted eggs for easter - imagination runs riot.
I forgot to follow you yesterday so I've clicked all the necessary buttons now -

MJ said...

You and I need to go on adventures together! I know exactly the feeling your talking about.

I cant wait to see them filled with all your beautiful lovelies.

Lucky 7 Design

Martha at Authentica said...


You are too kind!!!
When you move down this way, we will have to plan a regular meet up half way between us! Should only be a couple hours or so...then shop till we drop!

Can't wait!