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Friday, February 18, 2011

First Day in the Workroom!

 I am so excited!  I had my first session in the work room this week!  Each grain sack has its own personality and character!  

It is a challenge but oh so fun to work with the flaws and stains of all the hard work these sacks have been through.
I loved all the rulers laid out at the end of the work table..
I am trying to make sure that I keep as much of the grain sack in place as possible, as AUTHENTIC as is allowable!  Due to the amount of printing on the front of the American grain sacks, I am trying to incorporate some on the back of the pillow or possibly on the front of a second one to be sold as a pair!  I hate to loose a single inch if I can keep it! 

 I started off working with a french grain sack and as I talked it over with the work room owner, I wasn't sure about using a zipper, which would change the design.  

I was worried that I might have to incorporate the envelope back on all the pillows, which I feel limits you somewhat and forces you to cut the grain sack more than necessary in some instances.

After discussing this quandary with my "textile mentors", I decided to go ahead and use zippers as-well-as envelope backs...and some other options you will see down the road!

While I was researching the "zipper" options, we went ahead and started working on the American grain sacks....what fun!  Each one brought a smile to our faces....the pigs, the chickens, the ads!  I am so loving this!  

I have a lot of pictures to share and will soon have a dedicated website at   The domain is mine...but no website yet, I am not the most I'm calling in some help!

Keep living your authentic life!

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Mairie said...

Sounds wonderful - playroom rather than workroom by the sound of it.
Enjoy m+x