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Friday, February 11, 2011

The Phone Books are Here! The Phone Books are Here!

Hi Friends!

Remember the movie The Jerk, with Steve Martin?  How excited he was that the phone books came in so he could see his name in them?  Well, my order from Wendy Lewis came in late yesterday afternoon....and I was running around yelling "the grain sacks are here, the grain sacks are here!"  I didn't get the huge and heavy package opened until today..and let me tell you...THEY  FELT LIKE BUTTAH!!!!   You can't describe it until you actually get to feel one for yourself!  No wonder these gifts from the past have lasted so long, they seem to be indestructible!

The American grain sacks have such personality with faded, clever advertising or wonderful patinas, but much thinner fabric.  The oldest and heaviest one I have received so far is a stiff canvas from the Loose-Wile's Biscuit Company.                                         

Although many of the European grain sacks were made from linen or hemp or a mix, quite a few were made in a burlap or jute.  The European ones have a tighter and heavier weave than most of what we see today but they basically feel the same as our burlap!


Many of the American sacks are very soft and feel like a rough version of an old fashioned diaper.  I have fallen in love with each and every one of them, and will have a hard time letting them go!   

My weekend will be spent measuring each one and getting the final pillow insert order ready, then laundering these gifts and getting them delivered to the work room.  For those of you that haven't read earlier posts, I have two professional work rooms lined up to help me produce antique and vintage grain sack pillows, runners, and other items.  They understand the nuances of sewing, how to work the fabric, how to fit the inserts properly, and I don't!  (smiles).  

More are arriving daily...a few more from a contact in France,  several more from around the US and one I can't wait to see, is traveling from the UK.  I have included pics of many of them to give everyone an idea of what is to come..old laundry bags, postal bags, bank bags but especially the grain sacks!

Blessings to you all and remember, be true to yourself and live Authentically!
Happy Valentine's Day!  
(my birthday, by-the-way, the BIG 50! - say a prayer for me, I'm not happy about it!)   :)


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Mairie said...

Prayers always martha, don't worry about the age - just enjoy the birthday!
The bags look amazing - I'd probably frame them as they are are, but look forward to seeing the finished items.
Not a bad way to be starting the next half-century!