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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baubles and Buttons

Don't you just LOVE the thrill of the hunt?

At the beginning of the day, 
there is just something spectacular about the anticipation of what treasures you may find!

I pretty much collect anything and everything 
and have a hard time deciding
what to keep and what to sell in my booths!

Vintage BUTTONS are one of my passions!

Don't mind the baby doll hand....LOL!

Not only do I collect buttons for my authentic, vintage pillows...
but I just love looking at them, they just make me smile!

I have little jars and vases and boxes in my 
craft room that I picked up over time.
They are hard to find and when you do....they are expensive!

So...when I ran across a large stash of them 
at a flea market last weekend...

my heart began to pitter patter,
I got a little light headed.....

I asked the gentleman how much would he charge me 
if I just bought all of it.....

Didn't know if he would say $100...$50....
He said...are you paying attention?   

Of course, I about fainted 
and couldn't get them packed up fast enough!

This old glove box was packed with buttons on the original cards!
 I dumped it out on my kitchen table 
and here is what I found:

I even like the old glove box!

A Cornucopia of Buttons!

Love, Love, Love the funky yellow ones....

All the pinks and grays...

White grapes?  Too Funny!  See the bejeweled one on the right...only found one of these!


Can you see the dainty clear ones on a little girl's dress or collar?
Can you believe it?  But that's not all...
the glove box was inside another bigger box:

I just wanted to clap my hands!

Oooooo....Ahhhhhhh...I'm still giddy!
Inside the box was a blue basket, 
filled with more buttons and baubles and
little boxes and medicine bottles 
and a peanut jar...
filled with precious tiny gifts!

Every once in a while I hit the jack pot!!

This was one of my all time favorites!

If you want to find out more information on
Vintage and Antique buttons,
I found a great article at

Be careful, you can get addicted!

If you find joy in the simple things, 
your life will be full of happiness!
Live Authentically!

Be Real,


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