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Friday, June 17, 2011

Hey Bubba! Pass the Gravy!

"I come from a family where gravy 
is considered a beverage!"  ~ Erma Bombeck
Ok - so I am from Georgia - 
and yes we do eat a lot of gravy down here.
A true Southern woman always has at least one gravy boat,
and some of us have more!

You know you have to have one for formal dinners
and one for casual meals around the kitchen table.
When I got married, 
I received one in silver plate,
one that matched my china pattern 
and one out of Wilton pewter - that's my everyday!
(Ha - Like I make gravy on a weekly basis!)
If I do, 
its out of a jar 
and we certainly don't use a gravy boat! 

On one of my recent junking excursions,
I picked up an attached, silver plate gravy boat!
It made me smile and I stood there thinking, hmmm
would someone even buy one of these anymore?
Then I thought, it is so pretty, I'll take it home and 
use some silver polish and see what I can come up with!

I challenged myself to a 
"Gravy Boat Re-Purpose Challenge"!

Ready to smile?

 Hey, Why Not?  It's perfect to hold water 
and a place to hold your brush!

And speaking of water...what about floating
a flower or candle on the dinner table?

Add a splash of silver to your vanity 
& drop in some jewelry.

I thought this was a great way to serve nuts.

 A fun way to hold your utensils for buffet service. 

 A regal way to collect loose change!

 Dress up your Mints or Candy.

Buttons and Baubles, or Beads or craft items. 

Crafting or Office supplies, 
what a fun idea for your desk.

Rocks - no really!  I collect them, too!

Sea Shells - one of my faves!


Candle Scape anyone?

  Do you save your corks?  
Why not display them?

Can you think of any other ideas?

When you are out antiquing next time, 
think twice before you pass something up!
I bet you'll be able 
to come up with other ways to use it!
We need to give all those dust-collecting,
Gravy Boats out there a new job!
And isn't that what Re-Purposing is all about?

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