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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Treasure Between the Pages

"The man who does not 
read good books 
has no advantage 
over the man 
who can not read them." 
~Mark Twain

Have you read
any good books lately?

Books, I am afraid,
may be an endangered species!

I must say, that of all the things
I enjoy collecting,
are my all time favorites!

I use them all over my house
to decorate, to add interest,
to make me smile!

This is a February, 
1961 Edition of Winnie the Pooh!
In Latin!!!
Didn't that make you smile?

Any time I find a book from
the early 1900's or older,
I am thrilled!

But there are those 
special books 
that hold treasure
between their pages!

Not only the thoughts 
of the author,
but gifts of time 
that have been 
left behind
by previous owners!

My old books 
range from 
dictionaries, hymnals,
cook books, fictional stories,
poetry (my favorites), 
and really
that catches my eye.

I am always thrilled 
when I gently turn 
the time worn pages
to discover 
newspaper clippings,
bits of fabric, 
or little dried flowers.

I sit there in awe 
and wonder
how this 
little piece of history,
meant something 
to this person.

So endearing, 
it found its way
between the pages 
of this book,
to be saved 
for another to find!

Cook books with old
hand written recipes, 
and clippings
of cooking the perfect roast.

Garden guides 
with magazine articles
shoved between the pages,
mapping out flowers and seasons.

Old school books
with hand written notes
about assignments!

It is like a 
time warp
right out of that
person's life!

I want to share with you
a few of my
special finds!

I consider myself
to be their guardian 
for now - 
until they find 
their way
into hopefully 
another pair 
of  appreciative hands!

The title caught my eye! 

The first thing I saw
when I opened the book,
was a piece of the original
dust jacket ~
carefully, cut and glued
 for the sake of posterity!

Written by the doctor himself!

 I always check the copyright...1939!

Then I saw this inscription and
my hair stood up on my arms 
and I got goose bumps! 

 When I saw this, I knew I had a keeper!

 This book had been passed down,
and now in the hands 
of another relative,
held a 1969 newspaper clipping
with information 
about their family name and coat of arms.

As I turned the pages,
I came to find a bittersweet
memento of Dr. Holley's family. 

Dr. Holley's Funeral Program from 1947.

And the subsequent Obituary notice.

How could anyone leave this 
on the shelves of a thrift store?

My most prized treasure 
to date ~
isn't due to its age,
 but what lays within it!

A very bland looking book,
would you have picked this out while shopping?

 There are no copyright dates,
 but I assume from the pages,
printing style and design,
that it must be early 1900's.

In the beginning of the book, 
the owner underlines a few sentences
in the preface regarding 
Omar Khayyam's character.
Did you read what it said?

"(Omar) having failed of finding 
any Providence but Destiny,
and any World but This, 
he set about making the most of it;
...he very likely takes a humorous 
or perverse pleasure in exalting the
gratification of Sense above that of the Intellect."

 If you have read this far in the post,
then I ask you to stop
 and read the clipping below.
 Can you imagine yourself in her shoes?

 After reading the clipping,
I was immediately drawn into this woman's life!
What did she look like, where did she live?
 Was she melancholy?
 A day dreamer?

Then I found a multitude of 
endearing treasures
 that will forever leave me wondering...

Was she in love?  
In an unhappy marriage?
 Hoping for Good Luck?

Did she have a secret lover?
 Who gave her these gifts 
so precious she saved them?

I wondered ~
do the quatrains of poetry 
have any significance
 with where she placed the roses?

page 81
And this I know:  whether the one True Light
Kindle to Love, or Wrath-consume me quite,
 One Flash of It within the Tavern caught
 Better than in the Temple lost outright.

What!  out of senseless Nothing to provoke
A conscious Something to resent the yoke
 Of un-permitted Pleasure, under pain
 Of Everlasting Penalties, if broke!

 I feel such empathy for her.
So sentimental in her dreams for happiness.

A beautiful poem about 'Transience'
and with it,  a humorous quote!
  I would have liked
to have known this woman.

A Red Ribbon from a special evening,
perhaps from a corsage!

A hand written note!  I love it!
It reads:
"A leaf from the "Bo-Tree"
(Sacred Tree of India) under which "Buddah" meditated),
which I picked up in Lafayette Park L.A. early in July.
I have a mate to it.  It's a glorious thing when fresh.
Please return this with ??? and snap shot."

And then, one of the final gifts:
The Red Feather ~ 
If she were a superstitious type,
it symbolized courage, physical vitality, 
good fortune and life!

I hope that life was good to her,
and that she experienced 
extreme joy in her daily living! 

The next time you see an old book
in a pile of things at the thrift store,
will you consider what it may have to offer?

It could be a treasure 
it could give you a gift 
of knowledge,
 a life lesson!

"To sit alone in the lamplight 
with a book spread out before you, 
and hold intimate converse 
with men of unseen generations - 
such is a pleasure beyond compare." 
~Kenko Yoshida

Live Authentically!


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