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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Can You Fall In Love With A Tool?

Now, Now, Now....
I'm speaking of a Brush!

A Wax Brush to be exact!
As I am a dedicated junker and picker, addict might be a better word, I hate to pay retail for anything!

But when I read about the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and saw all the beautiful "after" shots on so many blogs, I decided to give it a try, bite the bullet, place an order and pay retail!!!  

It is an investment for sure, but you don't have to sand, prep or prime what you are painting.  Wood, Metal, Floors,Walls, can paint it.

I placed my order for four quarts of paint, and two wax brushes of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint line!  (I already had the wax and a sample of the paint).  I vacillated back and forth about buying one wax brush or two...

Here's my order just received:  
Old White, Graphite, Paris Grey 
and Duck Egg Blue...
plus two wax brushes.
 I even like the blue shipping paper!

It has been suggested on a couple of blogs that having one brush for clear wax and one for dark works better.

I agree as I don't want to have to constantly be cleaning the brush if I have several projects going on at one time.

 Looked promising!
I thought for those of you out there trying to decide whether you should order one, or two...I'd show you what I found.  You can apply soft wax with a rag, so you don't HAVE to have the brush, but with it you get more control and it's easier getting in to the nooks and crannies!

I can't believe how sturdy this brush is!  It has a nice weight to it.  It is bigger than I expected and once I opened the package and inspected it, I felt better about paying the requested price.

Isn't she lovely?

I tried to think of something that would compare to the brush size and came up with a Dasani water bottle.  

The brush circumference is almost 
the same size as the bottom of the water bottle.

The length of the brush is 
actually longer than the water bottle.

The brush is 10 inches in total length with a smooth hard wood handle!  The actual brush head is three inches long including the metal band.  The natural bristles are two inches long and approximately two inches the bottom of the water bottle.

No plastic on this baby! 
 It truly is an investment 
in the beauty of your furniture!

I wouldn't think twice about buying one or two!

If you are interested in purchasing 
Annie Sloan products, 
here's the link to the list of American Stockists:

I have furniture stored in two places 
waiting to be "chalked" and "waxed".
Sounds like a day at the spa doesn't it?

I'll post photos as soon as I get started.

First up are two pickled French style ladder back chairs.  I'm adding a more hefty white wash on these and replacing the upholstery with vintage french striped ticking in taupe and cream.

Can't wait to show you the before and afters!

Be Authentic!  Be the Real You!



shabbysadie said...

I too am a new found LoVeR of Annie jumped in even bigger than me ((Im jealous)) I want the brush!! :) I am tryin to buy a color every week or two....Graphite is next for me!

Martha at Authentica said...

Sadie...I am buying mine in groups too....once a I can pay off my American Express bill each month..I think I'm going for crazy colors this month like Aubusson Blue, Antibes Green, Henrietta or Emperor's Silk!

Toyin O. said...

Sounds like a useful tool, thanks for sharing.

Martha at Authentica said... really is worth the investment...! Thanks so much for stopping by.

Joy to You,