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Monday, March 19, 2012

Beauty of the Cherry Blossom

Beautiful Blooms
Humming of Bees
Butterflies flit from tree to tree.

Blossoms of lace
pink and white
laden with fragrance in the moonlight.

Beauty beyond belief
falling petals like snow
One of God's gifts, a precious show.



May you blossom with Joy this day!
Live Authentically!



Tiziana said...

What a show!
Spring is welcome in our gardens!
I love your cherry trees!

Sister Patty said...

Oh my gosh, Martha! Those photos are absolutely amazing! I hope Spring really is here!

Martha at Authentica said...

Thank you ladies! Spring is definitely in Georgia! With pollen counts over 9000 we are enjoying gorgeous blooms everywhere...everything is blooming at once...we sneeze and comment on how pretty it all looks! LOL! Took these Cherry Tree shots at several places around my community yesterday afternoon! Hugs!

LaPouyette said...

Simply wonderful !!!
I hover on a pink cloud of blossoms, dreaming.....

Thank you so much for these stunning pictures, my dearest Martha!

I do know how you felt when taking the photos! So good to know that there is somebody at the other side of the world who feels like me.

Take care, and best wishes for the first Springday,

MEM said...

Flowers in the spring in Georgia are always awesome. However, we often visit relatives in Atlanta in the spring and I end up seeing a Doc In A Box for antibiotics because I get really sick!!!! Guess we'll have to plan trips during other seasons and see what happens. Anyway, the pictures are beautiful.