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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Paint Chips On The Shore

Peeling Paint

What does that make you think of?

Something old, 
worn, needing repair?

I am often enamored with aged, 
found objects, 
that are still hanging on.

We all know that beauty 
is in the eye of the beholder,
and what I found this afternoon,
truly caught my eye and gave me goosebumps.

Pattern, swirls, grit, chips, splinters
all came together to create 
a thing of beauty in my eyes!

What I saw in color and shape,
made me think of the ocean,
a beach, and waves of water.

 Ocean foam popping 
and bubbling on the beach?

 The front porch of a very old home,
weathered by sun, wind and rain - 
displayed a wonderful show of movement!

Did you see the scattered seashells
or maybe they are beach pebbles?

 Each day, more paint loses its grip
and more wood is exposed.

 Puddles and ocean swirls?

 Sunset over the water?

 The process is lengthy,
but creates a gorgeous,
time worn appearance!

 Lapping waves?
White caps perhaps?

The perfect weather-worn beach cottage?

Nope, just a quaint older home 
in my community
 at least 7 hours from any beach.

It is what I see
 that is important!

Beauty is everywhere!

As I gingerly walked across the porch,
the paint literally crunched and crumbled
 under my feet,
it was just like walking across 
squeaky beach sand!

Such a treat to see
 and hear and appreciate 
this gift of time and place!

Live Your Authentic Life - Be the Real You!


Sister Patty said...

Martha, I am in awe of you... What a perfectly wonderful description of this patinated old home... I see everything you see in this and yes, it is truly beautiful.

Amazing how much those photos DID look like the sea, the beach, the shells and rocks. What an incredible picture you painted!

Dawn said...

Yes, it is truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing

entirely apropos said...

I love the way you see things, Martha!
Very creative.....
Thanks for sharing.

Heart Vintage Design said...

Great post. I once lived in a rental house with peeling paint. I loved it. Once we decided to move, the landlord painted it. It lost it's charm. I think of that peeling paint today 30 years later and smile.