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Sunday, March 11, 2012

What Was Behind The Picket Fence?

Do you ever drive by a place 
day after day 
not "seeing"?

Then all of a sudden,
something grabs your attention
and you stop to take notice?

I've driven past this
quaint cottage for years
and just the other day,
I "saw" a
picket fence and
little gate with an iron pull.

I decided to stop and check out 
what was behind the picket fence.



As I walked through
the front gate, 
I saw
a winter garden, 
bursting with color.

blooming Rosemary,
and Camelias 
were so charming
and welcoming!

Everywhere I looked,
I saw color 
and interesting containers
and wind chimes 
and water bubbling in a pond.


A sweet view through the pickets!

Thank you Littlefield Cottage for 
 tending your garden and planting
such beautiful flowers,
season by season!

You share your beauty 
with all who pass by!

Don't forget to look at your surroundings!
Sometimes it takes a different 
point of view 
to see what is there!

Live Your Authentic Life ~ Be the Real You!




St Simons Island Painter said...

thank you for these beautiful photos of this beautiful place. The Beauty outside of Littlefield is matched by the Beauty to be found within.

Dr Steve said...

Yes you have awakened you eyes to a sanctuary outside and inside.

MEM said...

Beautiful story and pictures. Don't you think about all those who have entered that gate in the past? The flowers are lovely and the house serene. Perfect place to regroup.


Thank you Martha for posting such a beautiful expose'of color and life representing the ahsome spirit of LittleField Cottage within and without....I tended the landscape for Littlefield Cottage about 8years ago and was amazed to see what has become of it, truly a Healing Garden of Love~~~Blessings in Love~~~<3 ~zh