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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wish Upon A Star Magnolia!

Driving through town today,
I passed one of the many 100 year old homes 
that dot our historic area.

Once a lovely homestead,
this quaint building
has lived its modern life as numerous restaurants.


Now empty, it waits ~
 for the tinkle of glasses and
laughter, and life!

This (currently) green house with
a history all its own,
is the home of a female ghost.
(That's a post for another day).

I always look over and glance in the windows
to see if I can see a shadowy figure 
looking back out.

 Although I didn't see a ghostly white figure,
I spotted beautiful white blooms
all along the side of the house!

Known as the
Star Magnolia,
it blooms at the end of winter 
just at the beginning of Spring!

It has large, 
white blossoms
that bloom on naked branches 
before any leaves appear.


 What a lovely view
for the mistress of the house 
to see each day!

Christmas lights, 
remnants of the last restaurant,
still hang in the shrubs - 
but didn't deter the birds 
from starting an early nest!


Nor did all the chickens and roosters
gracing the exterior of the building!

 The beautiful blooms are there - 
at the corner of Hawkins street,
for all to see.

I wonder who notices
the perfect blossoms as they drive by?


 Definitely a STAR - in my book -
so beautiful as they grace
the side yard of this soulful empty home!

 True beauty - 
Perfection by way of humility,
offering glory to those who take time to see.

Live Your Authentic Life - Be the Real You!




Carol Bennett said...

Wow, Martha, those pictures are just beautiful! What a good photographer you are! Is this around Dahlonega somewhere? Great scenery! Remember is you ever get to the Northwestern side of the state, you need to stop and see us in Chickamauga!

Martha at Authentica said...

Hi Carol! Thank you so much for commenting! Yes this house sets about a block or two off the square across the back street from the Catholic Church! I will certainly look you up! Don't venture in to your neck of the woods often, maybe I'll make a special road trip! :)
Thank you again for your kind comments!

MEM said...

Charming story, charming little house. We visited the Dahlonega area a number of years ago on an antiquing jaunt and saw many lovely historical homes. The beautiful flowers serve as a beautiful accent to the house and it's ghostly figure.

Martha at Authentica said...

Mem - Thank you! Dahlonega is a special place! A lot of Georgia history here! :)
I hope you can come back soon!