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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


 is a fall berry,
growing on vines, that begins
as yellow, then opens to reveal a
beautiful red interior!

 If you enjoy 
using gifts from nature in your decorating,
Bittersweet is a wonderful option.

In the South, yellow berries appear
on the vines in September
and by mid October are full of mixed 
yellow and red berries.

In the wild, 
Bittersweet grows
in the understory of the edge of the forest,
wrapping around and in the trees.

~ Such is the case
in the area where I live ~

although it is beautiful for natural arrangements,
the kind of Bittersweet that grows near my home 
is an ecological threat!

"Oriental Bittersweet is an aggressive invader that threatens all vegetation levels of forested and open areas. It grows over other vegetation, completely covering it, and kills other plants by preventing photosynthesis, girdling, and uprooting by force of its massive weight."

"Introduced into the U.S. in the 1860s as an ornamental plant, oriental bittersweet is often associated with old home sites, from which it has escaped into surrounding natural areas. Oriental bittersweet is still widely planted and maintained as an ornamental vine, further promoting its spread."

Then I think, 
but it is so pretty! 

It has grown in this area as long as I have lived here
and I can't tell you how many times 
I've tromped through the woods to clip a bunch or two ~ 
thorns and all!

 Then it happens ~ 

The little yellow berry, mysteriously,
peels back it's outer skin
and in a burst, there waiting is a
beautiful orange-red berry!

 Signaling to the world 
that summer is over and fall has begun!

I was thrilled to find this trio!
God's plan in a step by step display ~

 And so,
a menace it may be
the seasons change 
and nature continues to 
include us in her 
mysterious performances!

I'd say we are very well blessed, indeed!

Live your AUTHENTIC life ~ Be the REAL you!



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Versedinvintage said...

Maybe that's why it's called 'bittersweet.' Thanks Martha, I love to decorate with it too!

Martha at Authentica said...

Versed in Vintage...thanks so much!
It supposedly has a bittersweet taste and will make you as sick as a dog if you eat it! Considered to be poisonous, but I don't think it has killed anyone! LOL!!!

LaPouyette said...

This is so interesting Martha. Found something like this a few weeks ago in our garden, did not know what it could be, now I know!
Will send you photos, so you can inspect it and tell me.....

Love your pictures, again...nature is wonderful!

Thanks for the info my Dear!

Sorry, still not wrote to you, felt a sleep during the day on Tuesday! Too long desk-session!

A tres bientôt,
take care, karin

Martha at Authentica said...

Thanks for "reviewing" my post...I am always in awe of your beautiful surroundings in France ~ and the gorgeous photographs!

Stay Tuned! Have a lot in store!

Jackie said...

Beautiful! new follower here, great blog!

Martha at Authentica said...

Jackie! Welcome! Thanks so much for stopping by and for commenting!
You never know what you are going to get on my blog...decorating to who knows what!