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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Burning Bush

 Byzantine Mosaic

Through out religious history,
many faiths have followed the belief
that God spoke to Moses on Mt. Sinai by
appearing to him as a bush in flames. 

by Eugene Pluchart, 1848
 Saint Isaac's Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Russia.

God, telling Moses to remove his shoes
as he was standing on Holy Ground, 
directed him to lead
the Israelites out of Egypt.

by Raphael Santi

The bush was on fire, 
but did not burn.

by Elizabeth Wang, 2004

Artists through the centuries
have depicted the Burning Bush,
and generations upon generations
have been reared 
on the miracle of the Burning Bush.

The Hand of God at The Burning Bush
Church Window - Florida, USA

So what else would one call 
a large deciduous shrub 
that looked like it was on fire?

A Burning Bush!

Otherwise known as 
Euonymus Alatus Compacta,
the Burning Bush
turns the most gorgeous shades of 
during the fall months in North America.

 by Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik

A color so vibrant,
it looks to be on fire!

You can't drive past one 
without taking a second glance
and appreciating the miraculous beauty of a Burning Bush!

by Francisco Collantes 1634 - the Louvre

Like some of the most famous pieces of art,
God reminds us that His beauty is everywhere ~

by Leo Robba, Niagra Galleries

~ we just need to slow down long enough to see it!

Live Authentically!




LaPouyette said...

Another great post, Martha! Thoughtful and with beautiful images.
Everyone in its own uniqueness.

canngil said...

like!!! ;)

Martha at Authentica said...

Thank you ladies! I had fun researching the art work on this one! So many beautiful ones to choose from! :) M

MJ said...

You are so right is a burning bush that I have across the street. So fun to learn about it.

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