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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pumpkin Joy!

I recently had a wonderful afternoon
shopping for pumpkins at
Burt's Farm
in Dawsonville, Georgia,
an area just Southwest of my home
in Dahlonega, Georgia.

Our area is considered to be in the foothills
of the Appalachian Mountains.

It is only an hour or so away 
from the outskirts of
the big, bustling city of Atlanta~
~but you would never know it!

The Pumpkins were beautiful 
and certainly plentiful at Burts!
The weather was a perfect, 
fall afternoon, 
with Blue Grass music playing
children running around, 
rustling leaves 
and cinnamon spice wafting through air.

Click here for a Photo Show From My Visit:

Here's my haul 
of pumpkins and corn ~

~ and what I did with it when I got home ~


It was a wonderful soul lifting day~

~The kind of day 
you put your face to the sun, 
feel the breeze
and thank God you are alive!

Live Your Authentic Life~



1 comment:

LaPouyette said...

This must be pumpkin-heaven!
I never saw anything like it. Love the signs, they gave me a laugh!

Great pictures - great post and I like your decoration!