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Monday, October 17, 2011

What Do You See?


Open up the wardrobe door and step in to a room,


Full of mist and carpets damp, full of life in bloom.


What once was just a forest floor, 

with trees and 

rocks and vines,


Has now become a place unknown, 
as you see the  beauty shine.

There’s magic in the woods you know, 

Full of living things,

Breathing, moving, dancing, 
Can you hear the fairies sing?


Woodsy, quiet, cloaked in shade,

or dappled by the sun,


Moss paves your way as you step inside, 

you find yourself quite stunned.

Eerie though it seems at first, 

let the stillness calm your nerves,

Quiet now, stop and listen

you are being welcomed by the birds.


You realize, the song is sung by many…

crickets, birds and bugs,

Their wings are keeping rhythm,

while the fairies give you hugs.


So much beauty goes unseen,

unless you stop to notice,

The door is always open, 
as you now know how to focus.

Things you never knew were there,

have now come in to view,

Tiny creatures, plants and bugs,  

all bathe in morning dew.


Keep safe the woods,

and the life within it, 

for those who will come later,


It is your job and rightly so, 

to take care of Mother Nature.

Not everyone can see, 

what nature sets before us,


She picks and chooses

and only a few, 

know the secrets of the Forest.

Martha Passman

Live Your Authentic Life - 

What Beauty Do You See Each Day?




LaPouyette said...

Oh Martha - my heart sings! So wonderful, cannot describe with words!
Every picture - every word - every detail! I can smell the forest....

Your amazing photos - nature at its best. Your poem - unique and lovely!

THANK YOU my friend!

LaPouyette said...

Had to go over and over again....
Just good!
Feel the forest atmosphere you captured!

Martha at Authentica said...

Big HUGS Karin! As always, you "pump" me up with your kind and glowing words! Never sure about posting my poems....ha ha...but I love them, so I have decided to just go with it. If I have two readers or gives me joy! Thank you for always being there! M

Mairie said...

Beautiful Martha - you are blessed with your surroundings . Unfortunately now I am back at school It's dark when I go out and dark when I get back! Nice to see some nature.

Martha at Authentica said...

Mairie - you are also blessed with your surroundings...what I wouldn't give to live near the water as you do! At least you have your weekends, right? So funny to me, my two biggest supporters live in France and England! Love you both, Karin and Mairie!! Soul Sisters!

Jilly said...

Martha, you always have a unique idea. The forest atmosphere you captured here, which is really awesome. I make one poem on this green garden.
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