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It's all about living an AUTHENTIC life, being true to who we are and finding beauty and inspiration in our daily surroundings. Decorating our homes with found items and antique and vintage treasures, we create a personal ~ classic style ~ that defines who we are!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Rural Beauty

I was brought up in the suburbs of
North Atlanta and lived the life of a city girl!

But as fate would have it,
I have raised my family in the mountains  
of rural North Georgia.

There are some conveniences that
have been sacrificed, 
but the charm and beauty 
of the area is well worth it!

I went for a drive this evening,
and just around the corner from my home,
I came upon a beautiful scene at sunset!

Sunset Over the Mountains

New Friend!

 Fall is here, temperatures are finally chilly,
and the corn field is returning to the earth~

but not before providing a home for dainty beauties
 and snacks for the herds of deer ~


What once was golden silk, 
has now aged to perfection ~

  Mother Nature's perfect gift wrap ~

& Lace ~

~ paired with industrial rust and wire.

A place called home, a garden, a farm, 
 beauty I drive by, often times unaware!

Welcome to my world!

Y'all come back and sit a spell.
Live your AUTHENTIC life ~ Be the REAL you!



LaPouyette said...

Oh Martha - this is just simply wonderful!
Love all images! So real and authentic, nature at its best!
Have not seen anything better!

You even have 'inserted' a lovely cow, a simple fence, letter boxes (?), and the ripe corn and all the wild flowers....what else can I say!
Real rural beauty!

So sorry for not commenting for a while, will go through all your last posts - right now, could not sleep tonight and its now 5:00 am our time. So, I take the chance to tiding up the desk.
Our last guests have left, next week we're awaiting family, its a bit non-stop.....
Will send you a mail later.

Until then - heartily greetings,

Martha at Authentica said...

So glad to hear from you! Thank you for such kind words and comments! I've sent you an email! Have a wonderful day...I'm sure you will need a nap!
Joy to you,

Sister Patty said...

Oh my goodness... between the beautiful photos and the music, I have goosebumps all over! This reminds me that even though I have a busy weekend ahead, I need to take the time if it's not raining, and get out and take photos.

Thanks, Martha!

Martha at Authentica said...

Patty! Thank you so much! Yes...there is beauty everywhere..I always feel at peace after I've been out taking photos. Reminds me how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful area! :) Can't wait to see your photos!
hugs, M