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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Country Living Fair

I waffled!
I waffled some more!
So I woke up late, 10am, and thought,
 I'll go Sunday.

No, there won't be much left
I really should just's a beautiful day!

So by the time I called a friend, 
showered, got ready, pulled out a tote bag 
and my wire cart, 
stopped to get gas and then on to the bank...
picked up my friend,
and drove an hour and a half~

~I arrived at the Country Living Fair ~ Glorious!

It was just before 2:30pm...
and they closed at 5pm!
So I shopped fast and
snapped a ton of pics and had an awesome time.

I will definitely go back next year....
and plan on shopping ALL three days!

Even so, 
I was able to cover A LOT of ground!!

I did not get around to all of them
but have quite a few to share with you.
I met some wonderful, 
friendly vendors and shoppers and
saw some amazing wares!  
Let's go for a stroll, shall we?

Hope you are wearing comfortable shoes!

There's a lot to see!

The Charming Cherub  ~

Unchanging Grace  ~  270-842-1855  ~

Cottage Farm Chic  ~  678-480-8970  ~  Beverly Norris, Owner

Artworks by Karen Fincannon  ~  770-557-0666  ~

Pamela Hall  ~  770-931-0644

House About It  ~  Jill Clow, Owner  ~  404-561-5884  ~

Shari Replogle Designs  ~

Silhouettes and Scherenschnitte  ~  Wendy Schultz Wubbels  ~  ~  757-291-3772


The Potting Shed  ~  Carole Berg  ~  404-401-6531
Lakewood 400 Antiques Market  ~

Vikki Fraker  ~  770-366-1039

Bas Gallery of Gifts  ~  630-548-4003

The Art of Bonny Rochester

A Creative Touch by Janet Cleary  ~  610-277-4862

 folk, funk & whimsy  ~  tammi floyd  ~  262-321-0758

grit and grace  ~  Natalie Hayes  ~  678-378-0644

 Jenni Horne  ~  678-910-9747  ~

Kathleen Taylor Studio  ~  678-339-0960  ~

La Casita Home Decor  ~
Luz and Hernando Punto  ~  813-313-8002

The Little Art Studio  ~  Rebecca Stewart  ~  270-991-6475  ~

Parsley Pottery  ~  513-821-0696  ~

  ~  205-937-0064

Sandy Erickson Wright  ~

Silhouettes and More  ~  Jan Blough  ~  810-750-2067

The Mill Branch Bar Soap Company  ~  Brenda Harvey  ~  ~

Twist Style  ~  Maryellen Kim, Owner  ~  804-796-7999  ~

vikki paints  ~  Vikki Mancil Weigel  ~  706-325-6558  ~

 Bloomsbury Loft - Bohemian Market  ~  
Judith Mercado  ~  614-477-8003  ~

 The Painted Fern  ~  Jocelyn O'Gorman  ~

French Harvest ~  
located at Queen of Hearts Antique Mall  ~ Alpharetta, Georgia
Ingredients For Your Home ~  Natalie Silver  ~

 Gathered Comforts  ~
 Shannon Shelby - 270-853-6988  ~  Julie Bailey - 618-638-4397

Happy Chair  ~  Shawna Robinson  ~  704-618-1960

South Porch Antiques  ~
Patrick Kenny - 585-721-3405  ~  Karen Kenny - 585-727-5432

Thank You to all the wonderful vendors 
who allowed me to take photos!

Here is a link to all the vendors and their information: 

To my disappointment,
there were quite a few who would not allow it,
in fear of ideas being copied.

I understand their concerns,
but would have loved 
to share with you
 their creations and beautiful booths!

I missed at least a third of the fair,
but watch out next year ~ 
I may just have 200 shots to share!

This is the view of Stone Mountain 
as we left Stone Mountain Park -
beautiful day, beautiful surroundings!

I am so glad I went!


Nana 4 four said...

Thank you, Martha!!!! for sharing. These are awesome pics - I will be returning to look at them again. Next year!

Martha at Authentica said...

Thank You T! Next year I'm going at least two days! We need to get a van together and pile in and go! Thanks for looking and commenting! Always means so much! :)
hugs, Martha

Pamela Hall said...

You are quite the accomplished photographer.
As a vender, I was not able to shop the show and
I appreciate being able to see these pictures.
Thank You for including me in your blog.

MJ said...

Martha.....Im speechless! (well I can still type the I cant even pic a favorite because it's all so wonderful. Im going to have to make time next year to attend, maybe we can meet up. Ive never been down to Georgia for a visit. I love all the old typewriters and junk art. Im in love with the chair that has scraps of fabric spell out LOVE...such a big thing in my house! Husbands
You did a wonderful job for such a short looks like an amazing experience!

Lucky 7 Design

imPRESSed said...

Incredible pictures did you happen to snap any of imPRESSed that was my booth and I forgot my camera go figure:) If you happen to have any I would love to see them.

Martha at Authentica said...

imPRESSed...I am sorry to say I did not see your booth! There were quite a few I missed as I got there so late on Saturday! I have seen several blogs with pictures though...if you can send me a web address or email me a photo of what your product looks like..I'll go out in search of some pictures for you and pass along the blog post to you! My email is! Don't know if I can do it, but next year I'd like to snap some pics from each booth (the ones who will let me)...and post even more pics! I hope we can find some pictures for you! Blessings, Martha

Martha at Authentica said...

Pamela and Melanie..thank you for such kind words...Pamela if you only so far from accomplished I am! But I do look for shots I think are pretty...then pray the camera knows what to do! LOL! I have improved since my first few blog posts...but there is so much room for improvement! Your booth was wonderful! may just have to get down here and then you might decide to live here instead of near the beach! :)

Unknown said...

OMG! Martha!! Awe-Inspiring to say the least!! I can't wait until Country Living Fair comes to Austin in March? I think? Thank you so much for posting, makes me wanna go create!! YAY!!

Julie. . . Gathered Comforts said...

Loved seeing all the pics of the fair!!! It was such a great show. Thanks for stopping by our booth and taking pics. We greatly appreciate it. Until next year...

Unknown said...

Thanks for taking us through the show!! As a vendor I don't get very far from my tent. You made the show come alive for me. I am going to put you in my post about CLF so my readers can see what and amazing show it was!